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Our services

  • We are proud to provide quality HandyManService services to the residents of Hallandale, North Miami  . People like to work with us because we do the job to the end and do not stop until the client is satisfied with the result. Below you can find out more about our offers.

Handyman Services

More than 10 years of service Provides services in the territory of Miami This is a complete Handyman service. Our slogan is fast, quality, on time

man for an hour

  •  Disassembling or assembling furniture.

  • Mounting; TV, mirrors, paintings, etc.

  • Painting walls and ceilings.

  • replacement of sockets and switches, electrical repairs, restoration of chandeliers and lamps

  • partial repair of plumbing fixtures replacement of plumbing fixtures

. Repair.1

Works with the installation (replacement) of engineering networks (electricians and plumbing), with the alignment of all walls, floors and ceilings, but using inexpensive materials (wallpaper, paint, laminate, tiles, etc.). As a rule, it is carried out without a design project.

moving delivery

assembly and disassembly of furniture, packing, moving assistance

an experience



A responsibility
and reliability

About Us

Handy Man Service

Impeccable work and professionalism are the first associations that Interior decoration evokes in customers. We are constantly improving our services, keeping up with new technologies and professionally approaching the solution of the problem. Our goal has not changed since 2012: to provide reliable services and be a partner you can trust.

 Improve your comfort zone with us

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